Research Theses

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Examination registration ISK

Registration for bachelor’s and master’s theses at the Institute for Linguistics and Communication Science takes place via a standardized online procedure in RWTHmoodle. This online procedure is activated once a semester for two weeks for the following semester. This happens at the beginning of May for theses in the winter semester and at the beginning of December for theses in the summer semester.

Part of the registration includes information on examiner and topic requests. The examiner or topic requests specified in the online procedure will be taken into account as far as possible, but if necessary, other examiners will be assigned to the examination participants. You will be notified personally by e-mail about the distribution of the exam, usually one month after the registration deadline. The next steps will be communicated in this e-mail.

Based on the online registration, a binding examination agreement is made between the examiner and the participant. Students who withdraw from the examination agreements must expect to be referred to the next registration date. At the time of online registration, you do not have to meet the admission requirements in full.

Assignment of topics at the professorship of text linguistics and technical communication

The theses can be written project-related about specified topics or written on a topic of your choice. You can find an overview of our ongoing projects under Projects. At the beginning of the semester you will be invited by email to the study room of the examination colloquium. There you will find an overview of the given topics from which you can choose. Inform your supervisor if you would like to work on your own self-chosen topic.

If you choose a given topic, you will receive a task description. Choose your own topic and submit an exposé on the topic and aim of the work, criteria for selecting literature, methodological design, structure and timetable on approximately 4 to 6 pages. The exposé must be approved by both supervisors before the work can be registered with the ZPA.

ZPA registration

To register with the ZPA, you must meet the admission requirements - 60 acquired CP in the bachelor's degree, 100 acquired CP in the master's degree. You request the registration form from the ZPA and send it to the supervisor at work. The supervisor fills out the registration form and sends it back to the ZPA. The processing time starts when you register with the ZPA. The processing time, CP and scope of the work vary depending on the examination regulations and the type of work. You can find the exact submission date in RWTHonline; the modalities can be found in your respective examination regulations.

Submission of the work

The final thesis must be submitted to the ZPA with the deadline box in duplicate and on electronic data carrier by the deadline. Please also email the electronic version of the work to your supervisor.

Attention: Do not send your work to the professorship or the supervisor, but to the ZPA! Otherwise the work will be considered as not submitted.

Downloads (only in german)

Help for empirical theses (incl. registration of the work and submission to the ZPA)

Format template final thesis (Microsoft Word)

Exposé Handout (Microsoft Word)