FEN (BMBF, 2014-2019)


Forschungscampus Future Electrical Networks

The increasing integration of renewable energies such as wind power, solar energy, and battery storage into the energy supply is causing a change in the use of energy transport channels. The research campus Electrical Networks of the Future, FEN for short, is investigating the role of DC technology in grid expansion. The research is funded by the Federal Office for Education and Research and carried out by a consortium of industrial partners and institutes from RWTH Aachen University.


  • Research and development of flexible, efficient and safe direct voltage grids for the energy supply of the future
  • Securing a sustainable, climate-friendly energy supply of the future at affordable costs

Our focus

  • Research into the perception and evaluation of electrical DC networks: acceptance cartography, value systems, dynamic trend and sentiment analysis
  • Development of communication strategies: stakeholder communication, risk communication
  • Development and testing of new digital science communication formats


  • Institute for Power Generation and Storage Systems (PGS)   
  • Institute for Automation of Complex Power Systems (ACS)
  • Institut für elektrische Anlagen und Energiewirtschaft (IAEW)
  • Institute for Applied Geophysics and Geothermal Energy (GGE)
  • Institut für Elektrische Maschinen (IEM)
  • Institute for Energy Efficient Buildings and Indor Climate (EBC)
  • Forschungszentrum für Elektro-Magnetische Umweltverträglichkeit FEMU
  • Institute for Future Energy Consumer Needs and Behavior (FCN)
  • Institut für Hochspannungstechnik (IFHT)
  • Lehrstuhl für Landschaftsarchitektur (LA)
  • Institut für Politische Wissenschaft (IPW)
  • Institut für Sprach- und Kommunikations-wissenschaften (ISK)
  • Institut für Städtebau und Landesplanung (ISL)
  • Institut für Stromrichtertechnik und Elektrische Antriebe (ISEA)