Communication and Interaction


We examine the topic of interaction and communication in a variety of contexts, for example in relation to the design and use of digital media for professional, organizational and private purposes. The research area includes special areas such as risk communication, public understanding of technology, work, innovation, entrepreneurship and human-machine communication.

Risk communication

We research risk communication of technologies on the Internet with computer-aided methods such as text and web mining or topic trackers.

Public understanding of technology

The focus is on the question of how we can communicate highly complex technologies and infrastructures to various target groups in an understandable and interesting way in the 21st century.

Work communication

The investigation of internal and external communication causes includes the analysis, design and optimization of communication along value chains, the task and user-centric design of Web 2.0 applications such as wikis, online communities, and eLearning for various user groups and purposes, the design and Optimization of open innovation platforms and analysis of communication in the workplace. Part of the modeling are the conditions under which written parts of the work are completed and their influence on the strategies of those involved.

Technology communication

Covers all forms of communication in technology as well as technology for laypeople and experts. The subject of research and teaching are forms and strategies for the task-, user- and media-oriented presentation and communication of complex technical issues for various target groups and purposes, for example value chains, industrial process modelling, innovation processes, design of human-machine interfaces.