Main Research

This interdisciplinary research team is investigating forms of (Computer-aided) Communication in companies and public spaces. Our research is based on approaches of Textlinguistics complemented by approaches of other disciplines (e.g. Text Technologies) and applied to fields such as Professional Communication, Social Media and Enterprise 2.0, communication quality (projects: SISE, iNec, IMIP, Modiko) or Usability and Technology Acceptance (projects: Mobility Broker, Lean CAx, UFO, eConnect, OpenISA, eHealth). Our mainly empirical studies and projects consider particular variables such as age, job profile and communication tasks, domain characteristics and context, communication practices and media.

Another research area deals with the communication of energy technologies such as wind energy (project: Webdisk), energy mixes (projects: FuEne, KESS) and related infrastructures such as transmission grids for direct current (project: FEN) and de/central supply elements (projects: Kopernikus I - Ensure, Kopernikus IV - Enavi). Our research focuses on the analysis of societal processes of technology and risk perception and the development of information, participation and communication concepts tailored to types of energy technology and energy scenarios, stakeholder groups and contextual factors. 

Our research team is part of the Human-Computer Interaction Center (HCIC) of the RWTH Aachen University and cooperating closely with the affiliated institute for Industrial Communications and Technical Media (IIF)