Conferences in Automn

This automn, we joined several conferences:

Christine Mauelshagen presented results of the research project KESS at the annual meeting AKRUM in Cologne. Topic of the conference: "Landscape as a resource: energy - demography - economy".

Dr. Bianka Trevisan travelled to the annual meeting GAL (association of applied linguistics) in Frankfurt (Oder) and presented results of the research project ModiKo. The topic of the conference was multilingualism. 

Eva Reimer and Dr. Bianka Trevisan likewise discussed results of the project ModiKo at the conference of the German society for computational linguistics (GSCL) at the University of Duisburg-Essen. The main conference theme was "Deep vs. Shallow?" and provoked contradiction between explanatory, potentially even cognitively motivated models and those interested in harnessing the power of emerging big data collections to solve practical problems efficiently.


We would like to thank for numerous discussions, new insights, and interessting contacs!

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